Premium Features
See information about your staking activity for multiple chains and locations (ETH, LQTY, Kraken and more). Information like total gained in a period and individual staking deposit/withdrawal/income events.
Higher Limits
rotki has limits for multiple things that the free version can process. Number of trades, number of transactions, deposits/withdrawals, historic events and more. With premium these limits are increasing depending on the tier you have bought.
Higher limits
Dark mode and more perks
Premium gives you access to various perks such as dark mode and customizable color layout in the app. Some other perks include watchers for your makerdao CDP position that can warn you when by email when it goes over or below a certain collateralization ratio.
Rotki premium gives you access to an array of analytics in the form of graphs. You can see, among others, the analysis of total net value over time, amount and value per asset over time, distribution of your total worth per asset or per location.
Encrypted Synchronization
You have the option to upload your account's encrypted database to our server. It can then be synchronized between different devices. It also serves as a backup. The data is encrypted with your password and we can not read it.
Information per DeFi protocol
You can see extra information per supported DeFi protocols. For example analysis of your liquity, aave, compound, makerdao positions. Analysis of your yearn vaults. Breakdown of the swaps made in uniswap, sushiswap, balancer and more.
DeFi protocols
You cannot currently buy a premium subscription. You need to first verify your e-mail address.
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