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Rotki is an opensource project. Opensource gives us so many benefits. Owning your data, transparency, auditability and more. But for all its positives, opensource has one major disadvantage and that is how can it be funded?

We are taking a unique and direct approach to opensource funding in Rotki. We are offering a premium version which adds extra features on top of the base application. By getting a subscription you are helping us keep the lights open and keep developing opensource. You also get extra benefits for doing so (see below for details).

As the project succeeds and grows, so will the benefits provided to you, our premium subscribers. Help us enable you to take ownership of your data! Help us keep portfolio tracking and accounting transparent and opensource! Support Rotki today!

Available Subscriptions

Rotki Premium Subscription

With a premium subscription you are entitled to:

  • Support via both Github and email.
  • Priority in Feature Requests consideration. For example coinbase support was prioritized via a premium subscriber request.
  • Access to the rotkehlchen API.
  • Data synchronization between different devices using our server and API.
  • Analytics and Graphs on your assets and trade history.
  • Coming Soon: Usage of dedicated ethereum node for faster token/ether queries.
  • Long Term: Usage of companion android application.
  • ... and of course many other premium features that are being developed.


Rotki premium subscription
  • An invoice is generated for each payment and you can access it from your account page.
  • Subscriptions can be canceled from the account page at any point in time.


Depending on customer's country of residence an additional +19% VAT tax may be applicable.


per month

3 Months

per month
Save 5%

6 Months

per month
Save 10%


per month
Save 20%

Payment Method

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