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rotki is an open source portfolio tracker, accounting and analytics tool that protects your privacy.
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What does rotki offer?

Ethereum protocols
Profit/loss report
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My partner and I use it to keep track of our net worth and work out what house we can afford and also just generally keep an eye on how we're doing financially prior to Rotki we really had no idea where we were at, but no tools were available that allowed us to kind of combine a view of everything - stocks, crypto and fiat.

We're buying our first house in a few months time, partly because we were able to plan better thanks to Rotki 🙂


Take a look at @rotkiapp they spend a lot of time creating an awesome open source app and deserve more love than they get. 🥰


@rotkiapp is killing it, super useful.


Rotki has a wholesome team providing the crypto industry with the most comprehensive accounting and portfolio tracking tool, all while protecting your privacy. Simply the best!


Me dropping everything, updating my local @rotkiapp and trying the @loopringorg integration.

Yeah, you should get your hands on this wonderful open source software. It’s just awesome 👏


Just tried @rotkiapp! So far it's the best portfolio tracking app I have used. I also love that its open source. Awesome work @LefterisJP


Awesome If you haven't tried @rotkiapp then give it a go. There's a free version, but you'll want to go Premium after trying it. Rotki gives you control and the after sales is great too.


I use @rotkiapp because it is the only #crypto accounting and tracking tool that is 100% focused on privacy.

You can actually prove that.

When I found it I had to interview @LefterisJP to hear his story and you can too.


Constantly amazed at how useful @rotkiapp is.

Aggressive releases; deep portfolio tracking; private and local; finds your forgotten farms.

Check it out and then buy a license. It's cheap as hell and if it finds you a couple airdrops, will pay for itself 100x over...


Rotki is by far the best software to track positions and holdings across different chains and prepare for tax season where rules are different in most countries. Most tax software fails miserably to detect or recognise various actions and tokens, unlike Rotki.


I don't trust these crypto accounting SaaS providers with my data. They will literally see all your wallet addresses, including your real home address. No way I'm gonna PAY to give it to them!

That's why I use Rotki!


Premium features

Enjoy all the potential that rotki offers.
Graphs and statistics
Premium users can visit the graphs/statistics page and get graphs for: Net worth over time Asset amount and total asset value over time Breakdown of total net worth per location Breakdown of total net worth per asset
Advanced staking
See how much of the token is staked per account. What is the expected APR. How much of the token you have earned by staking across all accounts. See a list of all your staking events with links to the corresponding transactions.
Higher limits for trades, transactions, deposits and withdrawals
Free users have a limit on the number of transactions, deposits, withdrawals and other events they can see and process. Premium users have higher limits.
Decentralized exchanges
See how much you have in each liquidity pool. All your Uniswap and Balancer LP join/exit events are shown along with the total profit/loss per pool. Uniswap and Balancer trades are taken into account in the tax report for premium users.
DeFi historical accounting, profit and loss
See the entire list of activities you have done when interacting with a DeFi protocol. Get the profit/loss report for each protocol. Set watchers for various protocols to be informed via email when certain conditions are met.
Starter Plan


Anyone can download the application and start using it for free.
Premium Plan

Premium users unlock the full potential of rotki by removing all limits and unlocking all features.
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